*** 96 PORTFOLIO Limited Edition Napa Valley 1999
This creation, from the talented winemaking hand of Genevieve Janssens, otherwise employed as the Director of Winemaking at the Robert Mondavi Winery, makes a stellar initial appearance in our pages and immediately places the winery and maker into the very top ranks of Cabernet producers here in California. The wine begins with the most delightfully rich, creamy, slightly spicy aromas of the first-rate oak and ripe currants and sweet cherries and expands into notes of mocha, eucalyptus and minerals. It is full and fleshy at entry with continuing suppleness across the palate and into its long, tasty and expressively rich and fully fruity finish. Never pushy in its tannins, yet with spine enough, it is certain to age well for many years to come.

** 91 PORTFOLIO Limited Edition Napa Valley 2000
This rich, lavishly oaked bottling finds more than enough broad fruit in support and emerges as a very worthy successor. Its crème brulee notes and caramel-like richness are tied to a smooth, polished feel on the palate, yet the wine is sturdy in underbelly and, even if it is not as fruity as its predecessor, is destined to age comfortably for years to come.