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Our wine is naturally handcrafted to carefully reflect the characteristics of each vintage and to capture the true essence of the terroir. Our wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered to respect the integrity of the fruit, so some sediment is to be expected.

Vintage 2015

Portfolio 2015

The 2015 growing season in Napa Valley started warmer and drier than normal and continued well into early spring. This resulted in an early bud break and bloom. A cold May reduced fruit set and provided the first signs of a lighter crop. Some hot days in June, a cool July and again some back and forth cold and warmer days in August and September made this vintage a challenging but rewarding one. Napa Valley received 75% of normal rain during the year. This harvest was one of the earliest on record. Portfolio grapes were harvested on September 5th for the Cabernet Franc and on September 18th for the Cabernet Sauvignon.

The 2015 vintage is our 18th vintage. We have been very consistent in selecting our grapes from the same vineyards all along. The Cabernet Sauvignon is coming from the old vines of block #8 from George Hendry Ranch, planted in 1974 and the Cabernet Franc from Detert East vineyard planted in 1979. Both families believe in sustainability and respect of Mother Nature. They are diligent in paying homage to their vineyards’ history and to passing their exceptional treasure to the next generations and to preserving Mother Nature’s wellbeing.

Another exceptional vintage for Portfolio with a great personality and character! 2015 is a wine of precision, power with elegance and long finish. Deeply intense color, enticing aromas of floral violet, sweet baking spices (cardamom, nutmeg) and dark fruit with hint of anis and fresh herbs. A rich rounded texture packed with wild berry, cassis and blueberry fruit with mineral notes enveloping the entire tannins. The wine is savory and generous. The attractive quality of 2015 Portfolio is balance and harmony, silky and structured with freshness across the richly dense palate from the beginning to the lengthy finish. 2015 is a blend of 15% of Cabernet Franc and 85% of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Beautiful on release and through many decades. Enjoy!

Vintage 2014

Portfolio 2014

2014 is another vintage celebrating excellent wine quality. It started with drought conditions during the winter (one of the driest on record in California), which unfolded into springtime rain, helping the vines to grow at an even pace. Rainfall totals were approximately half of normal. Drought conditions produce typically smaller berry size and more concentrated flavors, contributing to the overall quality of the vintage. The winegrowing season will most be remembered for the August 24th earthquake that occurred just as harvest was commencing in the Napa Valley. The vines were not affected, and harvest finished early.

This wine is a blend of 85% of Cabernet Sauvignon from Hendry Ranch (west of Napa) and 15% of Cabernet Franc from Detert East (Oakville AVA). The wine is richly textured with great intensity, complexity, structure and balance with harmony. The flavors offer a beautiful marriage between black cherry and richly concentrated blackberry fruits, a savory, earthy complexity and toasty nutty oak, vanilla and spice which lingers through the luxuriously long finish. It is all about synchronization of fruit and structure that will allow early drinking as well as aging.

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Vintage 2013

Portfolio 2013

2013 was an “epic” year. All the rainfall came in November and December 2012, with almost no rain from January through March. As a result, budbreak was earlier than anticipated and harvest came early. It was a true example of what a Mediterranean climate looks like. California and Napa Valley were still in the drought. April provided a few small rainstorms to quench the vines, and warm weather followed. The growing season provided an optimal weather for development of great flavors and great ripeness. The winemakers recognized right away that it would be a fantastic vintage with big bold tannins and intense concentration.

Portfolio Limited Edition reflects the particularity of 2013 in highlighting the great terroir of Hendry Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon with its big tannins and the finesse and the elegance of Cabernet Franc from Detert East old vines. The Cabernet Franc, 17% of the blend, was harvested on September 12th and the Cabernet Sauvignon, 83% of the blend, on September 22nd.

The engaging, perfumy nose evokes fragrance of tiny huckleberry and ripe wild dark berry weaved with nice oak spiciness and tobacco leaf. Delicious flavors show ample juicy fruit character on the palate with a mix of blackberry, wild berry, coulis of tiny berries and a touch of fresh herbs interlaced with lead pencil shaving, and crunchy rock. The profile of the vintage brought concentration, focus and intensity with bold, structured tannins, rich and assertive. The wine is very focused. The finish ends up on a fresh note lingering with a lively after taste which keeps echoing. The wine is a masterpiece. To be enjoyed now and many years to come. Less than 250 cases were created.

Vintage 2012

Portfolio 2012A classic vintage for Napa Valley from Start to Finish! “Classic and Perfect” for the 2012 growing season and harvest: Textbook conditions – ideal spring bud break, steady flowering, even fruit set, and a lengthy stretch of warm days and cool and often foggy nights during the long summer months.

Portfolio Limited Edition is elegantly balanced and harmonious, with deliciously complex aromas and flavors of cassis, herbs of Provence, and black olive. Bright and present in the mid-pallet with an energetic mouthfeel and silky tannins, the finish is fresh, lively and has lingering notes of minerality. Since its first vintage in 1999, Portfolio Limited Edition has embraced a natural and gentle winemaking philosophy, incorporating gravity flow. The fruit comes from two distinctive, prestigious vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon from Hendry Ranch and Cabernet Franc from Detert East, the best terroirs the Napa Valley has to offer. It promises to make a unique and desirable addition to any wine cellar.

2012 Portfolio is ready for drinking now and will age beautifully for many years to come!

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Vintage 2011

Portfolio 2011Continuing the cooling trend of the last 10 years, 2011 growing season had tenacious morning fog, cool weather and unexpected rainfall during the flowering and the blooming seasons. It was a challenging year for the vineyard managers and the winemakers. The good news is that the cool weather conditions prolonged the ripening season and harvest was later than normal. It translated to optimum development of the aromas, flavors and tannins maturity. It was an atypical vintage which brought new dimensions to the Napa Valley.

Portfolio grapes were harvested mid-October. The wine shows fragrant aromatics of blackberry and cassis weaved with roasted almond and spices. The mouthfeel has a beautiful flow from beginning to end. Tannins are tight in a solid velvety texture. The finish is fresh, vibrant and lingering with a touch of graphite and fresh herbs. The wine invites you to come back for another sip.

2011 Portfolio will cellar well for few decades. Less than 250 cases were crafted.

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Vintage 2010

Portfolio 2010The weather that produced the 2010 Vintage was exceptionally cool and long, the coolest summer in 50 years. The hangtime of the grape on the vines was extended by two weeks.  It did result in refined, elegant tannins, complex aromatics and balanced and elegant flavors. 2010 Portfolio is a wine of graceful and polished tannins yet very powerful, great density with a mouthful of wild dark berries, beautiful black licorice weaved by complex sweet oak nuances and spices. The wine shows a very long finish which encourages another sip. It is a blend of 83% of Cabernet Sauvignon and 17% of Cabernet Franc.  The Detert Vineyard Cabernet Franc was harvested on October 11th and Hendry Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon on October 16th.

The wine was aged 30 months in 100% new French oak. You can enjoy it now or for many years to come.

Less than 250 cases were crafted.

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Vintage 2009

Portfolio 2009The 2009 growing season was consistently cool with few days above 100F degrees. It was an ideal vintage which facilitated the development of ripe tannins, bright acidity and rich flavor profile. The resulting wine is dense and concentrated with big structured tannins, engaging aroma of tiny huckleberries, cassis fruit weaved with spicy sweet oak and a delicious flavor of graphite tone and tiny dark wild berries with a long, smooth finish. 2009 Portfolio is a blend of 18% Cabernet Franc and 82% of Cabernet Sauvignon. It will cellar nicely expressing even greater complexity and nuances as it evolves with time. We are faithful to our philosophy of minimal handling using gravity flow, no pump, no filtration, no fining, and 100% new French Oak barrels. The wine was barreled for 29 months. Our style is distinctive and we hope you will continue to enjoy it with this new release.

Less than 250 cases were produced.

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Vintage 2008

Portfolio 2008After a winter with above normal rainfall, spring was the driest on record. This was the second dry year in a row. The challenging spring forced the viticulturists to irrigate the vineyards much earlier than usual. April followed, punctuated by the worst frosts in several decades. Hendry Ranch and Detert Ranch did very well through these extreme weather conditions. Dry winds during bloom and berry set led to reduced yields. Fortunately, Mother Nature's mood improved as summer progressed. The steady warm temperatures provided good ripening and good harvest conditions. Overall, fully mature flavors paired with well balanced sugar-to-acid ratios. The low rainfall kept the berry size small, with concentrated flavors. September and October nights were relatively cool with normal levels of fog and mild daytime temperatures. This fall combination created ideal conditions for a great harvest.

Portfolio 2008 is a blend of 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc. It shows an extraordinary aromatic finesse, a tannic richness and a particularly dense and tight-knit texture. The finish is very long, fresh and lively, a little firm but already packed with flavor. Such balance, grace and purity are a brilliant expression of the Portfolio legacy. Enjoy this wine for many years to come!

Only 190 cases were produced.

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Vintage 2007

Portfolio 2007Napa Valley had a cold and dry winter.  Rainfall was low (40% lower than average). Spring was one of the driest in history, and warm. The vines responded to this weather with an early start. Then the weather cooled down and mild temperatures prevailed throughout the summer. During harvest (September and October), through sunny days and foggy evenings, the grapes ripened slowly and evenly. It was an outstanding vintage. The Cabernet Franc was harvested September 30th and the Cabernet Sauvignon October 6th and 7th.

Overall it was a vintage of low vigor: small clusters and small berries. The 2007 vintage  is a blend of 80% of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Hendry Ranch, Block 8 (West Napa) and 20% Cabernet Franc from Detert East (Oakville AVA) . Average vine age is 35 years old.

Portfolio 2007 is a wine of power, concentration and texture. Opulent and full bodied, with fragrant aromatics of sweet cassis, black berries, cedar and incense ending up with a long mineral finish. It should drink well for 15-20 years.

Only 250 cases were produced.

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Vintage 2006

Portfolio 2006In 2006 we had abundant rain in winter and spring, with a cool growing season, a short heat spell in July and ideal warm weather in August. September and October were nicely cool with foggy mornings and cold nights. It was perfect weather conditions which allowed us to bring in our Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc at optimal ripeness.

The resulting wine is concentrated, and nicely structured and full-bodied. The nose is engaging with aromas of tiny huckleberries and cassis fruit woven with spicy sweet oak. The flavor is balanced with a graphite tone and dark concentrated wild berries, ending with a smooth and long intense finish. Enjoy the wine for many years to come.

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Vintage 2005

Portfolio 2005Vintage 2005 started with a cool, wet winter and spring continuing with a warm July and unfolding in a cool August, September and October. Consequently, the wine is more streamlined and obviously superbly structured and balanced exhibiting abundant cool climate small berry fruit. The wine balances gracefully, the mouthfeel and texture are gentle and assertive and the complex wild berry fruit is explosive. The spiciness and sweetness of the oak weaves gently between the complexity and the length of the finish. The wine will reach its potential in 2010-2025 and could age many years after.

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Vintage 2004

Portfolio 2004The 2004 vintage is our seventh release. A moderately rainy winter and warm temperatures in March initiated an early bud break in 2004, about one week earlier than normal. A relatively cool summer set the path to balance the fruit and the ripeness of the tannins. Temperatures throughout the summer were relatively mild, with famous fog lingering over the vineyard until late morning. The weather has been very cooperative. The wine shows deep color with engaging fragrant ripe fruit and a fresh summer floral bouquet combined to produce a highly-developed aromatic energy. Opulent and generous in mouthfeel, the wine possesses supple and silky tannins. The flavors continue to unfold in a very solid texture, with sophisticated wood merging into an elaborate fruitiness of wild berry and cassis. Finesse, elegance and power combined with a stylish structure end in a persistent finish.

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Vintage 2003

Portfolio 2003The winter was wet followed by a dry spring until we got unexpected rain in April and May. Early budbreak and long hangtime helped the maturity of the tannins to be perfectly balanced and intense. The summer temperatures were normal. September and October were punctuated by heat spells and low humidity with wide diurnal swings in temperature. The cold night helped prolong ripening and led to fully mature flavors in the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Cabernet Franc. The wine shows deep purple color followed by a sumptuous pure nose of crushed rocks, graphite, Provencal herbs and black currant liquor weaved with beautiful spicy oak. Gorgeously proportionate and balance this is a full body wine with generous tannins, structure and density which expresses substance and power, very intense, the wine has a long finish with a vibrant note of fresh wild berries. The 2003 vintage is a blend of 80% CS from the Hendry Ranch, Block 8 and 20% CF from the Weitz vineyard. 250 cases were produced.

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Vintage 2002

Portfolio 2002 The 2002 growing season was overall fairly normal. During budbreak, bloom, and veraison the data shows that nothing was out of ordinary. But, when September and October unfolded, every thing looked very different. We had many days with low humidity below 10% and no night fog. The grapes did not have time to recover from one day to another for many consecutive days. The winemakers needed to be very creative and patient. Few grapes dehydrated naturally on the vines. This intense eccentric weather resulted in high concentration and intensity in the wines.

2002 Portfolio Limited Edition shows an intense inky dark color as well as very black raspberries, chocolate and wild berries aroma, very engaging and promising. It is a powerful concentrated full bodied wine combining elegance with tremendous intensity and richness, a multi-layer aroma of complex fruit, licorice, cedar and toasty nutty oak with a finish that goes for a long after taste. The wine is dense, broad enveloping the pallet, lush, silky. It is a monumental example of elegance and power.

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Vintage 2001

Portfolio 2001Portfolio Limited Edition Vintage 2001 was elegantly sculptured by the season’s unique weather. In general, we received very low rainfall during the winter, totaling a below average of 25.5’’ rather than the 37’’ average of the last 5 years. The end result was smaller berries and thus concentrated fruit extraction in the wine. Temperature in the spring was warmer than usual. A nice growing season started with a lot of solar radiation with little clouds. April was cooler than normal. The absence of rain pushed the vines into an early budbreak (10 days ahead from the average). A frost damaged the vines in April, yielding a lower crop. May was warm and sunny with no rainfall which produced an ideal weather condition for a great homogenous bloom and berry set. During the summer, the Napa Valley enjoyed many foggy mornings, with lower solar radiation - the signature of vintage 2001. Harvest was pushed back due to cold September days. With the longer hangtime on the vines, Portfolio Limited Edition fruit acquired a beautifully balanced and intense flavor. Harvest was quite relaxed due to relatively cool temperatures as we had plenty of time to see the fruit maturing in a very gracious way. The fruit was picked and sorted once in the vineyard, brought to the winery in small 35lbs boxes and hand-sorted again before crushing-destemming. Finally, the fruit was sorted a third time after crushing before falling gently into our one-ton fermenting bins. For a full month, during maceration, we watched the new wine develop its unique personality. The wine was aged in new French oak barrels for 20 months and then in bottles for a year before release. Portfolio Limited Edition is the culmination of a terroir with unparalleled pedigree, combined with a unique vintage. The wine shows a solid structured personality and a powerful expression of the vintage. Full-bodied, with superb, well-integrated refined tannin. An explosion of deep and generous aromas of blackberry, cassis, currant and violet, fresh tobacco and minerals with a hint of church incense. Long, caressing finish. Tight, firm and silky with graciousness and agility which reflects the artistic vision of the two winemakers. This is a very serious wine. Ready to be enjoyed now, best after 2006, it will age comfortably for many years to come.

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Vintage 2000

Portfolio 2000 Bottle The vintage started with an early budbreak and finished with a late harvest. It resulted in a long hangtime for the fruit and thus a great maturity of the skin. Most of the season provided optimal ripening. Portfolio is selected from two outstanding vineyards with a strong expression of terroir. The wine shows a lot of intense fresh black and blue berries, deep color, a very condensed middle palate which ends in an explosion of fruit. The tannins are very silky and generous with a solid structure. The wine shows a very long finish with nuances of spices, minerals and a vibrant flavor. It is ready to be enjoyed now and will keep well for many years. The blend of varietals is 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Cabernet Franc and 1% Petit Verdot. 220 cases were produced.

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Vintage 1999

Portfolio 1999 The 1999 vintage was marked by a long, cool growing season and a heat spell at harvest time. The result in the wine is very characteristic of this pattern. The ripe tannin brings elegance and finesse in a powerful way. The wine is rich and very concentrated with an intensive color. Excellent grape flavor and very tasty dark fruit of black cherry and blackberry gives layers of complexity. This 1999 Portfolio is the signature of the vintage. Only 220 cases were produced. The blend of varietals is 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc.
The most cherished of the Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine Awards: WINE OF THE YEAR.
"a wine of impeccable richness, balance, depth and focus"

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Vintage 1998

Portfolio 1998 The 1998 vintage marks the first release of Portfolio, Limited Edition. The weather in 1998 was unusual:
a growing season punctuated with heavy rainfalls, many days of frost and cold weather at bloom, some heat spells during the summer and mild weather during harvest. A delicate vintage, it allowed the grapes enough time on the vines to mature nicely. The small yield crop is reflected in Portfolio’s elegance and intensity of fruit, showing multiple layers of dark black cherry and cassis with toasty, sweet oak nuances. The long, seamless finish leaves the senses floating in endless pleasure. Only 80 cases were produced. The blend of varietals is 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc.

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